Adriel is a Filipiano pianist, keyboardist and bandleader. Adriel's
music is often melodic and accessible, embraces elements of funk
and soul while adopting freer stylistic elements from jazz. In his jazz
improvisation, he possesses an unique creative blend of jazz, blues, and modern classical music.

Chi was born in China and picked flute & saxophone as his prime
instruments starting from his professional training in Berklee College
of Music & Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, active playing
in numerous concerts, theaters and local pubs, revealing the great art of improvising and harmonizing.

Jossie is one of the finest singers in Hong Kong...warm,
passionate & intriguing. When she raises her voice, she
makes your day a difference. Jossie has been praised as
the "jazz power with rich originality and strength" by the
media and corporate clients. In year 2012, she was invited
to be a Jazz vocalist for NISSAN Global Christmas Party.

Manolo Trio band formed in 2000 and led by exceptional
violin Manolo, has already established its reputation as one
of the best Jazz Ballad music ensembles in Asia (Hong Kong,
China and Macau). The Quartet's repertoire ranges from
traditional classical to contemporary jazz collaborations,
always performed with refinement and commitment.

MM's music preserves and revives romantic songs across 70's–90's
Jazz Standard and English Pop. Along with her ensemble, whose music incorporates with different musical instruments (like Piano, Saxophone, Violin & Double Bass), will seduce and delight.

Multi-talented Rodil is Filipino Jazz Pianist and a few who
can play Accordion and Tuba professionally. He shows up
in the most prestigious musical events covering Latin Jazz,
Contemporary folk and Classical music over years and
gained his reputation by his soulful musical performance.

Santos is a classical violinist and best known for performing
contemporary classical genre of waltz, tango and violin
concerto (E.g. Beethoven 5th Symphony, Aria Mozart,
Serenade Schubert, Blue Danube Waltz). He is rare to perform
classical music from 19th century with dynamic rhythms and
moody interpretation.

Ojie is considered one of the most inspiring guitar players in Hong Kong. His music is a fusion between Jazz, Spanish & Country music. Besides being a guitar player, Ojie is also a professional singer with his smoky tone & distinctive phrasing. Ojie's unique interpretations and emotion which is charming the public wherever he goes.

Maricel is a performing vocalist/singer and actively cooperated
with popular Asia Jazz team by Tony Carpio. Her unique sweet
and transparent voice makes her being one of the most
favorite Jazz Singers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau.

Souljazz3 is the band from Philippine. Their music blending the culture of jazz, the gritty elements of European folk music, and just a hint of smooth electronic fusion. Souljazz3 is active in the music circles in HK, China and Macau for live music shows, annual dinners, event openings and wedding parties.

Samuel is Philippine Jazz guitarist who became well noted from his soulful play of Latin Jazz, Modern Dixieland & jazz fusion. His trio ensemble band featured melodic Latin and African rhythms by trumpet as front line playing the main melody.